Director's Message

The Upanishadas say, ‘Fruits are identifications of a tree.’ At Utkarsh I feel the same. Spanning over a decade, our endeavours to guide and motivate the youth to achieve their targets say it all through results. People could say that only toppers come from Utkarsh, but in every competitive examination, our students mark their presence in bulk.

We always fall short of making tall claims. Personally, I feel there is no need to do so. Whenever we announce a new batch, we have a big queue of aspirants because they know that at Utkarsh they can achieve what other Utkarshians have already achieved. This faith of the students not only encourages us but also makes us realise that we cannot compromise on someone’s future. Therefore the quality matters for us. We set our own benchmarks.

I do not like the term ‘coaching centre’ because we are not so. We are a family and we not only teach students but also treat them as our family members. There are numerous cases where our students could not make it to the list of successful candidates initially but they succeeded in other examinations because we put our energy and faith in them. Our aim is not to increase the number of students and release them in society with frustration. So once an Utkarshian, always an Utkarshian is what we feel here.

This faith can never be one-sided. Our efforts go in vain if students do not gain from them or appreciate them. Over the past decade thousands of students assembled in our corridors and it is their trust and hard work which contributed to our success.

So do not join Utkarsh, just be a part of Utkarsh family. Together we are bound to achieve the success, change the world and make our impact.

Jai Hind